“I regularly choose Soundstreams because there’s nothing quite like it.”

by Tim Crouch, Director of Marketing & Patron Experience

“Rituals connect us to our past. They awaken collective memories–how we got to today–but they are also harbingers, illuminating a galaxy of future possibility.”

Soundstreams Artistic Director Lawrence Cherney has laid out his vision for the 2019/20 season, one that Ludwig van Toronto is already calling what might be “Soundstreams’ best season yet.”

The best way to go on this journey with us is to become a subscriber – there really isn’t a better deal to see Soundstreams, whether it’s the discounts, access to seats, or privileges of becoming a subscriber.

But don’t take our word for it – we reached out to some of our current subscribers to find out more:

“Fortunately, Toronto is filled with great choices when it comes to arts and culture, and I regularly choose Soundstreams because there’s nothing quite like it. It’s always different, often magical, and it never disappoints.”
-Helen, long-time subscriber

“There’s such an energy and electricity. Just total engagement, thrill … it’s brought me to hear music, styles of music, production of music, formats which I just never experienced before”
-Lloy, 5+ year subscriber

“It’s a whole new sonic environment, it’s a different experience.”
-Bob, new subscriber

If you aren’t convinced yet, let’s close out with some further thoughts from Lawrence:

“Ritual is at the root of three programs exploring universal themes: Two Odysseys reimagines ancient Indigenous legends sung in Indigenous languages; Claude Vivier’s Musik für das Ende takes us on a ritual journey through life and death to an ecstatic state of rebirth; and Electric Messiah is an intercultural spiritual exploration of love, betrayal, and redemption.

Many cultures mark occasions celebratory and sombre with brass. Trumpet fanfares, both newly minted and traditional, open our season with Top Brass. Similarly, period instruments like the harpsichord and the hurdy-gurdy evoke memories of a distant sound world, receiving a distinctly refreshing update in Improvised Components.

Retro technologies awaken nostalgia, lovingly probed in The Lost Karaoke Tapes by Nicole Lizée, who found some old video cassettes in a dumpster. And who doesn’t have a secret memory? Dutch singer Claron McFadden reveals some of them in Secrets.

2019/20 will be a season to remember. Please join us!”

Please click here to further explore our season and subscribe, or call Cheryl at (416) 504-1282 x 104