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SoundStories: Spotlight on James Rolfe

We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into the music of James Rolfe. Composer Spotlight: James Rolfe “One of our most gifted composers of new concert music.” – Wholenote Magazine Toronto-based composer James Rolfe is among the country’s most gifted composers writing for voice. Soundstreams has had the privilege of commissioning and…  Read More

SoundStories: Spotlight on Cecilia Livingston

We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into the music of Cecilia Livingston. Composer Spotlight: Cecilia Livingston “this vast and curious creative mind” – Wholenote Magazine  We’re pleased to feature Cecilia Livingston in this edition of SoundStories. In the upcoming 2020/21 season, she’ll be composing for 4 voices and instruments…  Read More

SoundStories: Spotlight on Morton Feldman

We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into the music of Morton Feldman. Composer Spotlight: Morton Feldman “Art in relation to life is nothing more than a glove turned inside out. It seems to have the same shapes and contours, but it can never be used for the same purpose….  Read More

SoundStories: Spotlight on Max Richter

We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into the music of Max Richter.  Composer Spotlight: Max Richter One of the classical repertoire’s best-known standards gives birth to a startling new creation: Max Richter’s reinvention of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons violin concertos. Here is violinist Daniel Hope performing ‘The Four Seasons Recomposed –…  Read More

SoundStories: Spotlight on Christopher Mayo

We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into the music of Christopher Mayo. “I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate in the Seven Deadly Sins project with Soundstreams in 2019. It was hugely inspirational to see how all the artists involved had such diverse and varied approaches to the subject matter. I’m even…  Read More

SoundStories: Spotlight on Ana Sokolović

We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into Ana Sokolović, recent Juno award winner for the classical composition of the year. Composer Spotlight: Ana Sokolović Composer Ana Sokolović was born in Belgrade and is now a professor of composition at the Université de Montréal, where she previously studied under José Evangelista. Her work, often influenced by Balkan asymmetric rhythms, is both rich and…  Read More

The Rise of Minimalism

(the following is an article from the Winter 2012 edition of Listen Magazine, reprinted with permission) A short history of the people and gestures that made a movement. By Menon Dwarka Minimalism changed the listener’s experience to something much more akin to that of a museumgoer. When a pattern repeats, you have a few moments…  Read More

SoundStories: Spotlight on Steve Reich

We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into the world of Steve Reich. Composer Spotlight: Steve Reich “American composer Steve Reich has strong links to Toronto: 2 original members of the Steve Reich Ensemble – Russell Hartenberger and Bob Becker – were also founding members of Canada’s illustrious percussion ensemble Nexus, famously described by the New…  Read More

SoundStories: Spotlight on John Cage

by Soundstreams Staff We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into the music of John Cage. Composer Spotlight: John Cage “History of Western music can be divided into B.C. (Before Cage) and A.C. (After Cage).” – Yoko Ono Cage’s great revolution was removing the composer’s intention from music. This took many…  Read More

TD Online Composer in Residence: SlowPitchSound

“The first thing I let my students know is that there are no limits,” – SlowPitchSound Soundstreams is excited to announce that DJ SlowPitchSound is our 2018 TD SoundMakers Composer in Residence! During his time in this role, he will be working with students from across Toronto as a Composer in the Classroom – rapidly…  Read More

Need to Know: The Composers of “Northern Encounters”

Stumped by Somers? Stuck on Sibelius? Our season opener Northern Encounters features works by some of history’s greatest composers, but that doesn’t mean it’s stuffy. Get to know a little about these icons and the music they’ve created! Stravinsky- Fanfare for a New Theatre One of Stravinsky’s most famous miniatures, Fanfare for a New Theatre…  Read More

Four Things You Need to Know About Claude Vivier

Written by: Katerina Gimon Montreal-born composer, Claude Vivier was not your typical Western classical composer. He lived a short, intense, and passionate life driven by his yearning for new experience and his search for his own identity. Vivier’s music was unique and unapologetic – and he had a personality to match. Below are four things…  Read More

August Murphy-King is the Frank Delling and Elisabeth Bihl Emerging Composer of Distinction for 2017

All six of Soundstreams’ 2017 Emerging Composer Workshop participants are exciting rising stars in contemporary music. From this talented cohort, Soundstreams, in collaboration with Frank Delling and Elisabeth Bihl, chooses one composer each year who has shown exciting recent developments in her/his artistry and career. This year’s composer is Toronto’s August Murphy-King August is working…  Read More

Announcing Soundstreams’ Emerging Composer Workshop Participants

We are thrilled to announce our participating composers for our fifth annual Emerging Composer Workshop. This year’s six participants are from across Canada and the USA, including New York, Halifax and Toronto. Each year the ECW hosts a different international visiting mentor and local mentor, as well as a professional resident ensemble. This year participants…  Read More

TD Composer of the Month: Philip Glass

Philip Glass, born in Baltimore Maryland in 1937, is an American composer and, despite not liking the term, he is considered the father of minimalism. Glass discovered his love of music very early on while working in his father’s radio store and listening to the classical records customers did not purchase. He studied at the…  Read More

TD Composer of the Month: R. Murray Schafer

Canadian R. Murray Schafer (C.C.) has achieved an international reputation as a composer, educator, environmentalist, scholar, and visual artist. He was born in Sarnia, Ontario and raised in Toronto. A highly prolific composer, R. Murray Schafer has produced works ranging from opera to chamber and orchestral music, along with pieces for choir and soloists. His…  Read More

Q and A with Composer Riho Esko Maimets

On February 2, Riho Esko Maimets returns home for the premiere of his newest work Three Prayers from the Holy Rosary with the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir. Born here in Toronto, Maimets began composing in high school and later studied composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn. He returned to Toronto…  Read More

TD Composer of the Month for January: Omar Daniel

Omar Daniel is a Toronto-based composer creating work for solo voice, electronics, and orchestra. Currently an Associate Professor of composition at Western University in London, Ontario, Daniel has received multiple accolades for his work including the Jules Léger Award for New Chamber Music and K.M. Hunter Arts Award. His work has been performed internationally with…  Read More

TD Composer of the Month for November: Gabriel Dharmoo

Gabriel Dharmoo started composing when he was just a kid; “One thing led to another,” he explained via email. “Making up simple pieces on the cello as a child, writing songs in my teens, then more experimental approaches to sound during my undergrad and onward.” Dharmoo’s work has been performed internationally, receiving the 2011 Fernand-Lindsay…  Read More