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Thank you to our Donors!

Soundstreams’ donors play a vital role in every aspect of our work. We are deeply grateful for your generous support.  

Premiere Circle $5,000 +

Linda and Michael Hutcheon*
Lawrence and Donna Smith*
Kris Vikmanis and Denny Creighton 

Creator Circle $2,500 – S4,999
Lawrence and Linda Kelley Cherney 
David Fallis and Alison Mackay
Katherine Smalley   
Neil and Carolyn Turnbull 

Sound Circle $1,000 – $2,499
Daniel Bernhard*   
Paul Caston   and Cathryn Gregor
Benjamin Dietschi and Caitlin Wood
Doris and Alvin Jantzi  
Ellen Karp and William Johnston
Robert and Miriam Rottapel
Paul Schabas and Alison Girling
Alan Teder
Daniel Weinzweig and Nancy Nightingale* 

Friends Circle $500 – $999

Kate Applin* 
Margaret Genovese
Willem Hart
Richard Shallhorn

$100 – $499

Stephanie Applin   
Richard Archbold 
Morgana Asselin
Elizabeth Allslstine 
John Beckwith and Kathleen McMorrow   
Gordon Best   
Edward Bierstone
David Buley 
Coco Chen  
Lloy Cook  
Rebecca Cuddy
Omar Daniel 
David de Launay     
Paul Dutton
David Fisher     
Martin Gerwin 
Jane Glassco   
Elaine Gold   
Thomas Griffiths
Trevor Haldenby
William Hammond
James Harley   
Glenn Hodgins
Derek Hopfner
Don Kendal
Carol Kirsch
Judy Loman
Michael Low
Stephanie MacLeod
Hans D  Meyn
Louisa O’Reilly
Jacquelin Pegg
Ruth Pincoe
Jaime Posen
Margaret Procter
Atsuko Sakaki
Cornelia Schuh
Ryan Scott
Sandra Shaul
Jini Stolk 
Jacqueline Taschereau
Hilary Thom*
Barbara Thompson
Paul Tichauer
Michael Trent
Charis Wahl
Norman Woo and Amanda Feng 
Morden Yolles

*monthly recurring donor 

This list reflects donations from December 1, 2021 to May 30, 2023. Every effort has been made to ensure it is correct. Should you notice an error, please contact Zoe Lin (416) 504-1282 ext. 104 or email [email protected]


Soundstreams gratefully acknowledges the support we receive from our sponsors. By investing in the future of Canadian music, our sponsors demonstrate the same bold and adventurous imagination that characterizes Soundstreams.

Sponsoring Soundstreams gives you the opportunity to:

  • showcase your brand
  • engage with the community
  • enjoy special behind-the-scenes access to Soundstreams productions
  • provide benefits to your employees
  • entertain your clients

Together, we build a legacy for Canadian music and tell stories through music. Contact Zoe Lin at (416) 504-1282, ext 104 or email [email protected] to see how we can help you achieve your business, marketing, community involvement, and philanthropic goals.