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Soundstreams Announces RBC Bridges Showcase

October 5, 2021 // Toronto, ON – Soundstreams was pleased today to announce the world premiere of the RBC Bridges Showcase, featuring six world premieres written by RBC Bridges emerging composers, plus a performance of mentor Sarah Kirkland Snider’s ‘Scenes from Unremembered’. The event will premiere online October 14, 2021 at 8pm. The six participants…  Read More

Music and Gardens

As the AIDS plague took his friends one by one and he himself faced an increasingly uncertain future, English artist, filmmaker, and queer rights activist Derek Jarman discovered his own form of hope, resilience, and solace in his garden by the sea.  Long-time Soundstreams supporters Neil & Carolyn Turnbull have their own garden paradise, and we were…  Read More

Soundstreams and R. Murray Schafer — A 30-Year Collaboration

We mourn the loss of R. Murray Schafer. He was one-of-a-kind, one of the most remarkable artists ever to come out of Canada. He was the Wagner of the North: the mythologies he created are infused with a profound sense of spiritual connection to wilderness lands and waters. Virtually everything he wrote possesses a transformative…  Read More

Who is Derek Jarman?

by Tim Crouch, Soundstreams But the ultimate gift of gardening is the way it concentrates and consecrates time, grounding the gardener in a present both conscious of and undistracted by the ongoing cycles of seasonality stretching across all past and all future. – Maria Popova, Brain Pickings Of course, Derek Jarman is more than a…  Read More

Soundstreams Announces Garden of Vanished Pleasures

September 1, 2021 // Toronto, ON – Lawrence Cherney, Founding Artistic Director, Soundstreams, today announced additional details about the company’s 2021/22 season premiere, Garden of Vanished Pleasures, produced as part of Soundstreams’ 2021 Digital Residency at Crow’s Theatre.  If modern gardening has a patron saint, it must be English artist, filmmaker, and queer rights activist Derek Jarman. As the AIDS…  Read More

Soundstreams Announces 2021/22 Season – Renewal & Rebirth

WORLD PREMIERE WORK DEVISED BY MICHAEL GREYEYES, TIM ALBERY, LIEKE VAN DER VOORT, CHRISTOPHER MAYO & MORE  August 3, 2021 // Toronto, ON – Lawrence Cherney, Founding Artistic Director, Soundstreams, today announced the company’s 2021/22 season, Renewal & Rebirth, with five world premieres set to showcase the work of outstanding Canadian and international composers through innovative and multi-genre musical experiences.  With…  Read More

Soundstreams Announces the World Premiere of Quiet Time Curated by Robin Dann

July 13, 2021 // Toronto, ON – Soundstreams has announced details of the world broadcast premiere of Quiet Time, featuring new music from Canadian composers Robin Dann, Allison Cameron and Matthew Pencer. An audiovisual experience to be released on August 19, 2021, Quiet Time combines a musical exploration of solitude with the personal travel experiences and Arctic recordings of Dann and Cameron to create a captivating new soundscape inspired by some of the…  Read More

‘Wanny’ – the binaural microphone

Quiet Time, our production put together by New Voices guest curator Robin Dann, is an audio-visual experience inspired by the Arctic. Great headphones are a must, according to Dann – if for any other reason than to experience the magic of the binaural microphone! The device, complete with life-sized ears, “captures sound just like we…  Read More

My Memory of the Dragon Boat Festival

by Zoe Lin, Manager of Advancement and Patron Experience Growing up in Taipei, Taiwan, Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four most celebrated Chinese traditions, along with Lunar New Year, Tomb-Sweeping Day, and Moon Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Duanwu (端午) Festival is celebrated on the 5th day of the…  Read More

Soundstreams Announces Emma Fowler as Interim Executive Director

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 (Toronto, ON): Soundstreams Board of Directors President Daniel Weinzweig has announced the appointment of Emma Fowler as the organization’s Interim Executive Director, as previous E.D. Menon Dwarka steps down to pursue new opportunities.   Emma joined Soundstreams in 2016 as Production and Outreach Manager, and quickly moved up into the role of Director of Artistic Planning and Outreach. She brings a decade of skilled arts industry experience to the position of Interim Executive Director, as well as a proven passion…  Read More

Composer Spotlight: Bruce A. Russell, Part 3

We’re pleased to be featuring composer Bruce A. Russell this February as part of Black History Month.  Piece: Linea Nigra, for string octet (2015) Watch: On Vimeo. From the Composer: Linea Nigra (2015) is an orchestration and expansion of my piano piece Canon Chorale (2005). It’s scored for string octet: four violins, two violas and two…  Read More

Composer Spotlight: Kevin Lau

In honour of the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, we’re pleased to feature Toronto composer Kevin Lau.  Piece: Between the Earth and Forever (2020) From the Composer: Between the Earth and Forever is, first and foremost, a work inspired by space exploration, and the intrepid explorers who dare venture beyond the boundaries of our planet,…  Read More

Composer Spotlight: Bruce A. Russell, Part 2

We’re pleased to be featuring composer Bruce A. Russell this February as part of Black History Month. Check in for deep dives on works specially chosen by him. Piece: Companion, for two pianos (2019) Watch: Companion, Bruce A. Russell from Arraymusic on Vimeo. From the Composer: Companion (2019) is written for two pianos and is…  Read More

Composer Spotlight: Bruce A. Russell

We’re pleased to be featuring composer Bruce A. Russell this February as part of Black History Month. Check in for deep dives on works specially chosen by him. Piece: Kalimba Canon, for two alto kalimbas (1999) From the Composer: Kalimba Canon (1999) is written for two alto kalimbas. It began as a shorthand sketch in…  Read More

MEDIA RELEASE: Soundstreams Announces the World Premiere of Electric Messiah 2020

TO BE BROADCAST THIS DECEMBER Friday November 27, 2020 // Toronto, ON – Soundstreams has announced its original reimagining of Handel’s masterpiece Messiah in a special broadcast event airing for free on December 17, 2020 at 8 PM EST. This year’s world premiere holiday event escapes the confines of in-person venues and transforms into a full-length music video, complete with a mix of on-location outdoor filming in the…  Read More

Curated Playlist – Electric Messiah artist Teiya Kasahara

The following is a special guest post from Electric Messiah 2020 artist Teiya Kasahara. Learn more about Electric Messiah here! An album I’m listening to a lot right now that is inspiring me in many ways is Kishi Bashi’s latest album called “Omoiyari”. It means “compassion” in the simplest of terms, but I’m probably not…  Read More

SoundStories: Spotlight on James Rolfe

We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into the music of James Rolfe. Composer Spotlight: James Rolfe “One of our most gifted composers of new concert music.” – Wholenote Magazine Toronto-based composer James Rolfe is among the country’s most gifted composers writing for voice. Soundstreams has had the privilege of commissioning and…  Read More

SoundStories: Spotlight on Cecilia Livingston

We hope you enjoy this edition of SoundStories, with a deep dive into the music of Cecilia Livingston. Composer Spotlight: Cecilia Livingston “this vast and curious creative mind” – Wholenote Magazine  We’re pleased to feature Cecilia Livingston in this edition of SoundStories. In the upcoming 2020/21 season, she’ll be composing for 4 voices and instruments…  Read More