Artist Spotlight: Lieke van der Voort

Composer and vocalist Lieke van der Voort’s works have been described as having “rare dramatic intensity”, “a strong signature” and “a voice that is important within the new generation of… Read More

Artist Spotlight: Cheldon Paterson (Slow Pitch Sound)

SlowPitchSound (Cheldon Paterson) is an award winning Toronto-based composer, mentor, and explorer of sound & visuals. He has collaborated with creators from a wide range of disciplines including opera, jazz,… Read More

Artist Spotlight: TorQ

Described as “outstanding – no, make that astonishing!” (Ottawa Citizen) and as having a “sense of unbreakable continuity and energy” (Toronto Star), Canada’s TorQ Percussion Quartet continues to bring new… Read More

Artist Spotlight: Composer Donnacha Dennehy

Called “thrilling” by the Guardian, and “arrestingly beautiful” by the New Yorker, Donnacha Dennehy’s music has featured in festivals and venues such as the Edinburgh International Festival; Carnegie Hall, New… Read More

Soundstreams 2022/23: 40 years of Excellence in Canadian Music

World Premieres from Michael Greyeyes, Chan Ka Nin, Paul Frehner, Lieke van der Voort, SlowPitchSound plus appearances by Tōnu Kaljuste, Soundstreams’ Choir 21, NEXUS Percussion, Penderecki String Quartet, Elizabeth Shepherd,… Read More

Artist Spotlight: Conductor Tõnu Kaljuste

Born in Tallinn, Kaljuste is the son of Heino Kaljuste (1925–1989), an Estonian choral conductor, and Lia Kaljuste, a radio journalist. Tõnu sang in his father’s choirs as a child,… Read More

Artist Spotlight : Composer Arvo Pärt

He was born on 11 September 1935 in Paide, Estonia. After studies in Heino Eller’s composition class at the Tallinn State Conservatory, he worked as a sound engineer for Estonian… Read More

Season-at-a-Glance – Announcing Soundstreams’ 2022/23 Season

Our 2022-23 season explores provocative themes that resonate within our communities. It reflects a spectrum of genres ranging from unique instrumental music to soaring vocal and choral music, along with… Read More

The Wall Street Journal: Book of Mountains & Seas is an exquisite masterpiece of suggestion

From the article: “Book of Mountains & Seas is an exquisite masterpiece of suggestion, a tapestry of sound and image that weaves itself into your consciousness and makes its point… Read More

The Guardian on Performances of Claude Vivier’s Music

From the article: “Unruly and utterly distinctive…harmonic soundscapes unlike anything else.” Read the full story here.

Soundstreams Presents Noam Bierstone’s Percussion Theatre

Soundstreams presents Noam Bierstone’s Percussion Theatre “Bierstone demonstrates his percussive skills while delivering something that has the power to enthral for its duration.” – Vital Weekly June 9, 2022 //… Read More

RBC Bridges 2022 Application

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Celebrating R. Murray Schafer Soundstreams’ 40th Anniversary Concert

May 11, 2022 // Toronto, ON – Lawrence Cherney, Founding Artistic Director, Soundstreams, has announced a concert to celebrate and commemorate the legacy of R. Murray Schafer, to be performed… Read More

Soundstreams returns to stage with ‘A Love Song to Toronto’

Soundstreams Returns to the Stage With  ‘A Love Song to Toronto’ April 5, 2022 // Toronto, ON – Lawrence Cherney, Founding Artistic Director, Soundstreams, today announced details about the company’s… Read More

The Book of Mountains and Seas Premiere

Book of Mountains and Seas was originally scheduled to appear in Toronto as part of the Soundstreams 2020/21 season before the pandemic hit, and features music and libretto by Huang… Read More

Love Songs – “Inspired” Playlist

by Vania Chan, a member of the vocal ensemble for our 2021/22 production of Love Songs Claude Vivier’s Love Songs is an extraordinary musical work – one that is unlike… Read More

Why does Vivier matter?

by Lawrence Cherney, Founding Artistic Director, Soundstreams It has been said that as a composer, Claude Vivier had the purity of a child, and as a man, he played with fire. He was murdered one fateful… Read More

Soundstreams Announces Beth Brown as New Executive Director

Soundstreams Announces New Additions to Team: Beth Brown is named New Executive Director; Coco Chen and Rebecca Cuddy elected to Board of Directors  Beth Brown. Photo by Dahlia Katz. October 25, 2021 (Toronto, ON) // Soundstreams… Read More

Soundstreams Announces World Premiere of Love Songs

October 18, 2021 // Toronto, ON – Lawrence Cherney, Founding Artistic Director, Soundstreams, today announced additional details about the company’s world premiere production of Love Songs, as part of the company’s 2021/22 season. The digital… Read More

Soundstreams Announces RBC Bridges Showcase

October 5, 2021 // Toronto, ON – Soundstreams was pleased today to announce the world premiere of the RBC Bridges Showcase, featuring six world premieres written by RBC Bridges emerging… Read More

Coco Chen & Rebecca Cuddy join the Soundstreams Board of Directors

September 29, 2021 – Soundstreams today announced the appointment of Coco Chen and Rebecca Cuddy as new members of the Soundstreams Board of Directors. Coco Chen began playing the violin… Read More

Music and Gardens

As the AIDS plague took his friends one by one and he himself faced an increasingly uncertain future, English artist, filmmaker, and queer rights activist Derek Jarman discovered his own form of… Read More

Soundstreams and R. Murray Schafer — A 30-Year Collaboration

We mourn the loss of R. Murray Schafer. He was one-of-a-kind, one of the most remarkable artists ever to come out of Canada. He was the Wagner of the North:… Read More

Who is Derek Jarman?

by Tim Crouch, Soundstreams But the ultimate gift of gardening is the way it concentrates and consecrates time, grounding the gardener in a present both conscious of and undistracted by… Read More