Artist Spotlight: Lieke van der Voort

Composer and vocalist Lieke van der Voort’s works have been described as having “rare dramatic intensity”, “a strong signature” and “a voice that is important within the new generation of composers” (Neomemoire, 2019). She focuses heavily on improvisation, physical theatrical gesture and vocal use. Lieke frequently uses her own text, confronting the emotional-psychological impact of ongoing social issues. Her works have been commissioned and performed by Soundstreams, Continuum Contemporary Music, Jumblies Theatre, Cheryl Duvall, Émilie Girard-Charest, Thin Edge New Music Collective and others. She leads and vocalizes in Kontraband Kollektif, an art music collective, with its debut EP Atropos having been released in January 2018. Her voice can also be heard in multiple Toronto-based projects as well as Veryan Weston’s Make; soundtracks of movies The VVitch, Clara, Tumbbad and In the Tall Grass and various Tanya Tagaq shows with Christine Duncan’s Element Choir.

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