Touring Productions Two Odysseys: Pimooteewin / Gállábártnit

Two Odysseys: Pimooteewin / Gállábártnit

2020 Dora Mavor Moore Award Winner in the Opera Division for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble!

The simplicity of these stories drew me in, leaving me rapt for the duration and in awe of the execution of it all.

The Globe and Mail

… the excellent performances incite us to hope that we won’t have to leave this alternate universe for a while. 

The Toronto Star

Two Odysseys is a joyous celebration of Indigenous language and storytelling. It’s a double-bill of two music dramas, both inspired by the human journey through life and death. Pimooteewin, The Journey, adapts a Cree story from North America which tells how Weesageechak (the Trickster) and Misigoo (the Eagle) try to bring back the spirits of their loved ones to the world of the living, and chaos ensues. Gállábártnit, The Bear, is based on an old Sámi story from the Nordic region, which follows a young woman named Aile who is torn between her beloved and her people, with dire consequences.

Pimooteewin was the first Cree language opera and Gállábártnit is the answer to our search for a companion piece. It’s an examination of how we live, what are the consequences of love and sacrifice. This story is a perfect parallel to Pimooteewin’s exploration of how we pass to the land of the dead – Gállábártnit is about how we live on earth.” –Michael Greyeyes, co-director


Music by Melissa Hui
Libretto by Tomson Highway

Music by Britta Byström
Libretto by Rawdna Carita Eira

Creative Team and Featured Artists

Directed by Michael Greyeyes and Cole Alvis
Music Direction by David Fallis

Narrated by Yolanda Bonnell and Heli Huovinen
Vocal soloists Melody Courage, Bud Roach and Asitha Tennekoon
Actor/dancers Samantha Brown, Vienna Hehir and Joelle Peters

Lighting design by Melissa Joakim
Costume design by Shawn Kerwin (Pimooteewin) and Isidra Cruz (Gállábártnit)
Props design by Teresa Przbylski (Pimooteewin)
Mask Carver Mike Dangeli (Gállábártnit)

Cast and Instrumentation 

Narrators (2)
Actors/Dancers (3)
Soprano soloist
Tenor soloists (2)
Choir (14)

115’ including intermission


‘Two Odysseys consists of two Indigenous operas that are a near-perfect fit’ – The Globe and Mail

‘Two Odysseys operas tackle life and death in Indigenous tongues’ – Toronto Star


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