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Quiet Time

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quiet time

Creating a quiet space for reflection on the changing world around us.

The arts are a reflection of the world around us, and can also offer solace and relief from that world. In music, silence is just as important as sound.  Songwriter, singer and musician Robin Dann, no stranger to creating this type of atmosphere, guest curates an audiovisual musical experience that calms, soothes, and inspires.  

From past personal experiences, the beauty of the Arctic illuminates the music of both Dann and composer Allison Cameron, as we create a welcoming space inspired by some of the quietest sounds of the world – after all, silence is golden. 


Quiet Time is an audio-visual experience that will transport you beyond a traditional online show presentation.

  • Grab a high quality pair of headphones, or use 3D speakers
  • Turn the lights down (or light some candles)
  • Get comfortable – slippers, housecoats, pyjamas, all are great!
  • Event lasts approximately 1 hour, with a 2-minute interlude


Robin Dann, guest curator, composer, electronics, keyboards, & vocals 
Allison Cameron, composer, banjo, field recordings, melodica, ukelele, & keyboard
Matthew Pencer, composer & laptop


Robin Dann & Matthew Pencer Wanny’s Song
Allison Cameron Transpolar Drift

Blake Hannahson, cinematographer and editor
Dennis Patterson, audio engineer
Allison Cameron, Arctic and skating videos, field recordings (Transpolar Drift)
Renée Lear, Arctic and skating video editor (Transpolar Drift)
Adam Bromley, gaffer and head technician
Goblin Can Dance, dancer 

Recorded on location at Crow’s Theatre, Toronto, Canada 

Quiet Time is supported by Michael and Sonja Koerner Charitable Foundation and The Mary-Margaret Webb Fund for Women Composers.

The New Voices guest curation program is supported by Azrieli Foundation.

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