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Passion after St. Matthew

Main Stage

A jazz-infused Passion for the modern age—inspired by a masterpiece of the Baroque.

By blending jazz improvisation with classical tradition, Australia’s leading contemporary music ensemble, the Australian Art Orchestra, has invented a compositional genre all of its own. In Passion, members of the Melbourne-based orchestra join an ensemble of brilliant Canadians (including composer and sound artist Nicole Lizée) for an adventurous homage to one of the masterpieces of classical oratorio—J.S. Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.

Structured in five movements, each composed by a different member of the group and linked by brief chorales, Passion is designed to evolve significantly from performance to performance, a dazzling example of this unique ensemble’s innovative approach to music-making.

Pre-Concert Chat – 7:00 pm

Arrive early for a free pre-concert chat hosted by Lawrence Cherney. Paul Grabowsky and Peter Knight from the Australian Art Orchestra join composer Nicole Lizée to explore the art of weaving improvisation together with composition, and discuss the works on the concert program.

Members of the Australian Art Orchestra:

  • Gian Slater, voice
  • Scott Tinkler, trumpet
  • Niko Schäuble, drums
  • Erkki Veltheim, violin
  • Paul Grabowsky, piano
  • Peter Knight, trumpet/electronics
  • Kevin Turcotte, trumpet
  • Nicole Rampersaud, trumpet
  • Heather Segger, trombone
  • Tom Richards, bass trombone
  • Allison Au, alto saxophone/flute
  • Kyle Brenders, clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophone
  • Mike Murley, tenor and soprano saxophone
  • Peter Lutek, clarinet, baritone saxophone
  • Rob Clutton, bass
  • Steve Raegele, guitar
  • Ryan Scott, percussion
  • Nicole Lizée, turntables/electronics


  • Nicole Lizée, CAN
    Hymns to Pareidolia (2014) World premiere, Passion (1997)
  • Paul Grabowsky, AUS
    Come Daughters, No Justice
  • Doug de Vries, AUS
    Captive, The Raven is Hoarse
  • Paul Grabowsky, AUS
    Love me Once
  • Alister Spence, AUS
    For Love
  • Paul Grabowsky, AUS
    Fire and Ice
  • Niko Schäuble, AUS
  • Paul Grabowsky, AUS
  • John Rodgers, AUS