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Music for China

Main Stage

East meets West in this spellbinding evening of Canadian and Chinese music for chamber orchestra and the first stop on Soundstreams’ tour to China.

Soundstreams spans the globe in this musical event uniting the musical traditions of East and West. Highlights include R. Murray Schafer’s Theseus and world premieres of new Chinese and Canadian compositions. After its Toronto performance, this concert will embark on a tour to China, including a stop at the prestigious Beijing Modern Music Festival. Don’t miss this exciting grand finale to our 30th anniversary season!

  • Les Dala, conductor
  • Accordes String Quartet
  • Chai Found Music Workshop
  • Anthony Thompson, clarinet
  • Sanya Eng, harp
  • Carol Fujino, violin
  • David Hetherington, cello
  • Leslie Newman, flute
  • Gregory Oh, piano
  • Doug Perry, viola
  • Ryan Scott, percussion
  • Stephen Sitarski, violin
  • Ed Tait, bass

Dorothy Chang: Small and Curious Places (world premiere)
Alexina Louie: Cadenzas II for Harp and Percussion (world premiere)
R. Murray Schafer: Theseus
Fuhong Shi: Distance (world Premiere)
Kaija Saariaho: Terrestre
Ching-Yu Hsiau: Intermezzo
Chi-Chun Lee: Layers of Waves