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Airline Icarus: A New Opera

Main Stage

A new opera that unfurls above the clouds, inspired by our ancient dreams of flight.

In evoking the story of Icarus, who flew with waxen wings only to plummet to his death after soaring too close to the sun, award-winning composer Brian Current and playwright Anton Piatigorsky impart a mythic dimension to the mundane experience of contemporary air travel. Set aboard a plane bound for Cleveland, their opera explores both the spiritual joy and the angst of flying as it invites us into the minds of passengers and crew, revealing their relationships and their inmost thoughts.

  • Music by Brian Current
  • Libretto by Anton Piatigorsky
  • Produced by Maniac Star
  • Directed by Tim Albery
  • Set & Costume Design by Teresa Przybylski
  • Lighting Design by Kimberly Purtell
  • Stage Managed by Kristin McCollum

Featuring: Dawn Bailey, Vania Chan, Sean Clark, Alexander Dobson, Larissa Koniuk, David Roth, Zorana Sadiq, Geoffrey Sirett, Krisztina Szab├│, Jennifer Taverner, Graham Thomson

Airline Icarus, a new opera: Inspiration & History

Composer Brian Current and librettist Anton Piatigorsky discussing the themes and inspiration behind Airline Icarus

Q&A with Anton Piatigorsky

Program Notes by David Jaeger

Airline Icarus nominated for five Dora Awards

Post-Performance Chats

Immediately following the performance dates below. Stay after the opera for a discussion with members of the Airline Icarus artistic team.

  • June 4: Technology & Hubris
  • June 5: Design & Drama
  • June 6: Risk & New Opera
  • June 7: Modern Day Icarus

Airline Icarus is in English, and 60 minutes long, with no intermission.