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6 Pianos 12 Hands (Keyed Up! #3)

Main Stage

A suite of contemporary piano works featuring Steve Reich’s Six Pianos with additional works by Terry Riley, André Ristic, Ana Sokolovic and many more.

Steve Reich and Terry Riley have each had a profound influence on the way we listen to music. The term “minimalism” is often used to characterize their music, yet the music itself is anything but minimal; incorporating much nuance and subtlety that is maximal in imagination and innovation.

Reich, described by the New Yorker as “the most original musical thinker of our time”, recognized early in his career the power of multiple pianos, none exploited more spectacularly than in his mesmerizing Six Pianos. This seminal work is combined with Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air, itself dating from the same period as Six Pianos. And we feature a reprise of Ristic’s Soundstreams-commissioned work Vivaldi Variations.

The rest of the program is made of smaller multiples of two pianos, and includes compelling works by Ana Sokolovic and Julia Wolfe.