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The music doesn’t just accompany an action, the music is the action.
“The theatrical nature of these works draws the audience into each unique performance situation, stimulating them to discover new musical approaches and opening their ears to sound worlds that they may not encounter otherwise.” —Noam Bierstone

Canadian percussionist Noam Bierstone is the 2021/22 Soundstreams New Voices guest curator, and Percussion Theatre is his curated concert experience exploring the fascinating concept of instrumental theatre – the music doesn’t just accompany an action, the music is the action. The theatrical nature of works draw audiences in, while opening ears to new and fantastic sound worlds.

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Featured Artists

  • Noam Bierstone, Guest Curator, percussion
  • Randall Chaves Camacho, percussion
  • Ben Duinker, percussion
  • Louis Pino, percussion
  • Joyce To, percussion
  • Jasmine Tsui, percussion


  • Kotoka Suzuki, In Praise of Shadows
  • Kotoka Suzuki, Orison
  • Mauricio Kagel, Dressur
  • Vinko Globokar, ?Corporel

Soundstreams’ New Voices guest curation program is supported by The Azrieli Foundation.

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