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“In one of the most fascinating concerts I've heard this year, these three musicians collaborated with the Gryphon Trio at Chamberfest. In a 90-minute show, they presented four pieces which crossed back and forth between jazz and classical music, building on the strengths of both and ending up with beautiful music.” —Alayne McGregor, OttawaJazzScene.ca

Summer 2016 –  the classical finesse of The Gryphon Trio and the jazz chops of drummer Dafnis Prieto, bassist Roberto Occhipinti, trombonist Scott Good created magic at the Ottawa Chamberfest concert, provoking the Ottawa Jazz Scene’s Alayne McGregor to write the above review.

Gryphon Trio with Scott Good, Dafnis Prieto and Roberto Occhipinti perform Conjunction at Ottawa Chamberfest

This same ensemble of remarkable musicians returns for one night only in Freddy’s TuneApril 21.

Buy your ticket today and be among the first to hear a fresh new piece (with a nod to J.S. Bach), The Altered Offering, by Soundstreams’ resident turntablist SlowPitchSound, joined by The Gryphon Trio.

Does lightning strike twice? Join us at Trinity St. Paul’s Centre for Freddy’s Tune, April 21 and find out!

Dafnis Prieto

Featured Performers

Scott Good, trombone/conductor
The Gryphon Trio;
Annalee Patipatanakoon, violin
Roman Borys, cello
James Parker, piano

Roberto Occhipinti, bass
Dafnis Prieto, drums
Cheldon Paterson, a/k/a SlowPitchSound, turntables

Roberto Occhipinti and Scott Good


  • Cheldon Paterson, a/k/a SlowPitchSound
    • The Altered Offering
  • Roberto Occhipinti
    • Tuareg
  • Scott Good
    • Wu Xing
  • Dafnis Prieto
    • The Stutterer
  • John Adams, arranged by Scott Good
    • Phrygian Gates