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Performances & Events Ear Candy - 2017 / 2018

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Big ideas in small spaces


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Master percussionist Ryan Scott in a concert that reflects diverse genres and traditions exploring the many unique expressions of rhythm and melody, With composer/performers Andrew Staniland, James O’Callaghan, and flautist Leslie Newman, in a program of new works, old favourites and music that can be beaten!


A world premiere by “brilliant musical scientist” (CBC Music) Nicole Lizée. Commissioned by Michael and Sonja Koerner.

A world premiere by Michael Oesterle, co-commissioned by Daniel Cooper, in collaboration with Soundstreams and the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Ear Candy is supported by Neil & Carolyn Turnbull

Featured Performers

  • Ryan Scott, Percussion
  • Leslie Newman, Flute
  • James O’Callaghan, Electronics
  • Andrew Staniland, Mune


    • Andrew Staniland
      • Orion Constellation Theory
    • Robin De Raaff
      • Contradicte VI*
    • Kaija Saariaho
      • Noa Noa
    • Nicole Lizée
      • I Still Think About You*
    • Michael Oesterle
      • Juillet*
    • Arvo Pärt
      • Spiegel and Spiegel
    • Andrew Staniland
      • Cassini*
    • James O’Callaghan
      • Doubt is a Distance*
    • Michael Jackson, arr. Andrew Staniland
      • Beat It

*World Premiere