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Performances & Events Salon 21 - 2016 / 2017

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Explore parallels between Canada and the northern nations with Artistic Director Lawrence Cherney

7:00 PM | Gardiner Museum Gallery Prelude
Join a docent on a tour of the Gardiner’s new feature exhibition, True Nordic: How Scandinavia influenced design in Canada. This exhibition explores more than seven decades of Nordic aesthetic influence on Canadian design, examining the ways that modern Scandinavian design was introduced to Canada, and how its principles and material forms were adopted and adapted.

7:30 PM | Salon 21 Programming
The evening will include an in-depth look at The Journey project, an upcoming collaboration between artists from Canada, Sweden and Norway that will focus on the world’s first Indigenous operas; Pimooteewin, in Cree, and Gállábártnit performed in Sami. Featuring musical performances by Dan Morphy, Bud Roach and Zorana Sadiq.

Featured artists:
Dan Morphy, percussion
Bud Roach, tenor
Zorana Sadiq, soprano



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The Gardiner Museum is located at 111 Queen’s Park Avenue in Toronto.