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Performances & Events Main Stage - 2016 / 2017

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A sensory carnival of music theatre works from the acclaimed Canadian composer’s Patria cycle.
“There is nothing like Patria in the history of Canadian musical theatre.” —Toronto Star

Come one, come all to the cure for the woes of the spirit and the grand malaise we call civilization! Your host, the barker, welcomes you to this concert of musical curiosities from the mammoth Patria cycle by R. Murray Schafer.

Considered one of the most radical and inventive works created in the past half-century, Patria combines elements from opera, theatre, dance in a hybrid genre the composer calls ‘theatre of confluence.’

Follow Ariadne as she leads you deeper and deeper into the labyrinth, where you’ll encounter sideshows, lovers, buskers, and Tantric experts along the way. With creative collaboration by multi-award-winning theatre and film director Chris Abraham (Crow’s Theatre), Odditorium is an auditory experience you won’t want to miss.


  • R. Murray Schafer: Amente-Nufe
  • R. Murray Schafer: The Crown of Ariadne
  • R. Murray Schafer: Tantrika
  • R. Murray Schafer: La Testa d’Ariadne

Featured Artists

  • Carla Huhtanen, Soprano
  • Judy Loman, Harp
  • Andrea Ludwig, Mezzo
  • Joe Macerollo, Accordion
  • Dan Morphy, Percussion
  • Ryan Scott, Percussion
  • Andrea Nann, Dancer/Choreographer
  • Brendan Wyatt, Dancer/ Co-Choreographer

Creative Team

  • Chris Abraham, Creative Consultant
  • Kim Purtell, Lighting Designer
  • Shannon Lea Doyle, Costume/Set Designer
  • John Hess, Music Director
  • Thomas Ryder Payne, Sound Designer