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A Tribute to Nelson Mandela's Dream
“The music of my own flesh and blood goes right to my heart.” —Nelson Mandela

Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s dream and Desmond Tutu’s hope when he named post-apartheid South Africa the “Rainbow Nation,” the evening explores Canadian and South African cultural identity through song and theatre.

We welcome actors Kim Sanssoucie and Batsile Ramasodi from Johannesburg. The pair will offer dramatic recitations of Mandela’s journals and diaries, attesting to the legacy of his dream.

The concert features Juno award-winning vocalist Lorraine Klaasen and her ensemble, The Rainbow Chorus: The Nathaniel Dett Chorale, rising opera-star Justin Hopkins, and a brilliant percussion ensemble led by Ryan Scott.

Experience the world premiere of a choral piece by Canadian composer Gabriel Dharmoo, work by South African composer Kevin Volans, interpretations of songs by Miriam Makeba, and selections from Kurt Weill’s Lost in the Stars.


  • Traditional, interpreted by Lorraine Klaasen and band
    • Click Song
    • Jolinkomo
    • Pata Pata
  • Kevin Volans: Abhaya
  • Sydney Guillaume: Mama Afrika
  • Brian Tate: Africa
  • Kurt Weill: Selections from Lost in the Stars, A Musical Tragedy
    • Little Gray House
    • Thousands of Miles
    • Lost in the Stars
  • Gabriel Dharmoo: Futile Spells
  • Traditional, interpreted by Lorraine Klaasen and band
    • Babalazi
    • Unomeva
    • Khawuleza
  • Performances by Kim Sanssoucie and Batsile Ramasodi