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Performances & Events Ear Candy - 2015 / 2016

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Explore the musical movement that has inspired artists from Radiohead to DJ Spooky.
“All great music is contemporary. If it's alive and kicking, then it's contemporary.” —Steve Reich

A minimalism concert that takes flight from Soundstreams’ 80th birthday concert for Pulitzer-Prize winning composer Steve Reich in April.

Electric Counterpoint is a journey through the movement’s masterworks and current influences experienced through the talents of five local artists: Owen Pallett collaborator Matt Smith aka ‘Prince Nifty,’ Brandon Valdivia aka ‘Mas Aya,’ Dan Morphy, and Germaine Liu.

Hear Reich’s Electric Counterpoint, Nagoya Marimbas, and It’s Gonna Rain, as well as new works by SlowPitchSound, Mas Aya and Prince Nifty.

Featured artists:

Germaine Liu, percussion
Dan Morphy, percussion
Matt Smith aka ‘Prince Nifty, guitar & electronics
SlowPitchSound, Resident DJ
Brandon Valdivia aka ‘Mas Aya, percussion & electronics

Watch Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood perform Electric Counterpoint below. Here is a bit about the piece:

“Electric Counterpoint (1987) was commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival for guitarist Pat Metheny. It was composed during the summer of 1987. The duration is about 15 minutes. It is the third in a series of pieces (first Vermont Counterpoint in 1982 for flutist Ransom Wilson followed byNew York Counterpoint in 1985 for clarinettist Richard Stolzman) all dealing with a soloist playing against a pre-recorded tape of themselves. In Electric Counterpoint the soloist pre-records as many as 10 guitars and 2 electric bass parts and then plays the final 11th guitar part live against the tape.” – Steve Reich

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