Soundstreams exists to strengthen public engagement with new Canadian music and music theatre/opera through innovative musical experiences.

Performances & Events Salon 21 - 2015 / 2016

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Explore the immense accordion family and their close relatives, played by some of the finest musicians in the world. Discover unexpected connections between the Korean saenghwang and the modern accordion. Listen to the familiar sounds of the bandoneón, and peer into the future with the digital accordion. A serenade for the heart and mind, it’s all squeezebox, all the time, with special guests accordionists Joseph Macerollo and Michael Bridge, and hosted by Soundstreams Artistic Director Lawrence Cherney.

Accorditorium7:00 PM  |  Gardiner Museum Presents: Gallery Prelude – Delftware & Drinking Games

Discover a less refined side of ceramics. Join a Gardiner Museum docent and visiting accordionist for a conversation about music and ceramics in pubs through the ages.

Featured artists

Michael Bridge, accordion
Lawrence Cherney, Soundstreams Artistic Director
Joseph Macerollo, accordion