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Performances Main Stage - 2019 / 2020

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“In Aboriginal mythology, there's no heaven and there is no hell. You cross a kind of River Styx and you go into this region of the human consciousness...” —Tomson Highway, Librettist, Pimooteewin
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What to Expect

A creative team led by Indigenous artists comes together to present a double-bill of the world’s first operas in the languages of Cree and Sámi, complete with 2 narrators, soprano and tenor soloists, 3 actors/dancers, and a vocal and chamber instrument ensemble. Step into a world of cross-cultural odysseys and examine how we live on earth, how we pass to the land of the dead, and the consequences of love and sacrifice.

From Artistic Director Lawrence Cherney

When we premiered Pimooteewin: The Journey in 2008, Michael Greyeyes and I had no idea it was the beginning of a real journey. It did tour to Northern Ontario soon after, but some colleagues in Norway and Sweden were so inspired by it that they wanted to create a companion work rooted in Sámi language and storytelling, an answer to the questions posed in Pimooteewin. Even before its premiere, Two Odysseys is already beginning to resonate with interest in North America, Europe and Australia. That journey has just begun!

Featured Artists

Michael Greyeyes, Cole Alvis, co-directors
Melissa Hui, Britta Byström, composers
Tomson Highway, Rawdna Carita Eira, librettists
David Fallis, musical director
Yolanda Bonnell, Heli Huovinen, narrators
Melody Courage, Asitha Tennekoon, Bud Roach, vocal soloists
Choir 21
Chamber Orchestra

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This project is also supported by the Michael and Sonja Koerner Foundation, J.P. Bickell Foundation, The McLean Foundation, The McLean Smits Family Foundation.

This project is generously supported by Linda and Michael Hutcheon.

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Gállábártnit was generously commissioned by Musik i Syd.

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