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Performances Main Stage - 2018 / 2019

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“The Rolston String Quartet,…demonstrated incredible smoothness of tone and gesture, perfectly precise interplay and the most sensitive emotional understanding, emanating musical magic.” —Tegernsee Newspaper (Germany)
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Get on board with the celebrated Rolston String Quartet for Different Trains, like you’ve never experienced it! The Rolston String Quartet will create the aural engine for a special performance with video hauntingly realized by Spanish filmmaker Beatriz Caravaggio (Toronto premiere). Rounding out the evening, the Rolston String Quartet will perform works by Rolf Wallin, Dorothy Chang and R. Murray Schafer.


– Steve Reich – Different Trains (w/Beatrix Caravaggio video)

– R. Murray Schafer – Quartet #2 (Waves)

– Rolf Wallin – Swans Kissing (Canadian Premiere)

– Dorothy Chang – Streams (w/Guest Soloist Steven Dann)
The Rolston String Quartet appears with generous support from Randall Howard & Judy McMullan
Beatrix Caravaggio’s work is produced by Fundación BBVA and ArsVideo Producciones.

Learn about the back story of Different Trains in this mini-documentary by Robert Edridge-Waks, courtesy of Nonesuch Records.