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A concert to celebrate and commemorate the legacy of R. Murray Schafer.
“He was one-of-a-kind, one of the most remarkable artists ever to come out of Canada. He was the Wagner of the North: the mythologies he created are infused with a profound sense of spiritual connection to wilderness lands and waters.” —Soundstreams' Founding Artistic Director, Lawrence Cherney
Free Admission


Join us for this once in a lifetime performance hosted by Soundstreams and Eleanor James

Soundstreams and R. Murray Schafer — A 30-Year Collaboration

Soundstreams acknowledges R. Murray Schafer’s passing with profound sorrow, but at the same time, we recognize that now we have both the responsibility and the opportunity to share that music with Canada and the rest of the world. This historical concert also marks the beginning of Soundstreams’ 40th anniversary season.

What to Expect

Soundstreams collaborated closely with Schafer for 30 years, commissioning and premiering some of the major works in his opus. To pay tribute to Schafer, Soundstreams’ Founding Artistic Director Lawrence Cherney has put together a small sample of Schafer’s masterworks.

Concert Length: Approximately 80 minutes, with no intermission.

Featured Artists

  • David Fallis, Conductor
  • Choir 21
  • Meghan Lindsay, Soprano
  • Lindsay McIntyre, Soprano
  • Molinari String Quartet
  • Judy Loman, Harp
  • Michael Murray, Percussion
  • Joyce To, Percussion
  • Michael Fedyshyn, Trumpet


All Works by R. Murray Schafer

  • Aubade for Two Voices (from And the Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon)
  • Three Hymns (from The Fall Into Light)
  • String Quartet No.12
  • Two Sisters: Isis & Nephthys (from Ra)
  • Epitaph for Moonlight
  • Fire
  • The Death of Shalana

This concert is presented in collaboration with Grace Church-on-the-Hill, and the Canadian Music Centre.