Soundstreams showcases the work of Canadian and international composers through innovative musical experiences.


SoundMakers is an exciting website and iPad app that gives composers, electronic musicians, DJs, sound designers, teachers, students and the musically adventurous unprecedented access to music commissioned by Soundstreams. Users are invited to engage with the process of creating music through exploring, commenting on, sharing, reusing, creating with, and building upon Soundstreams original content.

Website (SoundMakers.ca)

The SoundMakers website invites you to:

  • LISTEN to music commissioned by Soundstreams over the past 30 years
  • CREATE new works from audio samples provided from each of the Soundstreams commissions
  • SHARE and DISCUSS new creations with other users
  • LEARN about composers who have worked with Soundstreams through bios, scores, and program notes. Delve into the creation process through the SoundMakers Composer in Residence blog.

Educator Resources

To accompany selected samples available on SoundMakers, we provide downloadable curriculum-based documents that outline approaches and activities that educators can use in the classroom. Available for elementary, middle, and high school grade levels, these resources offer cross-curricular ties between music and such other subjects as English and literacy, media studies, culture and society, geography and history.

SoundMakers is supported by: