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Workshop Testimonials

RBC Bridges

Soundstreams’ Workshop for Early Career Composers


JamesOCallaghan“I really appreciated the sense of support the workshop gave, both in terms of the respect and kindness that Soundstreams and the mentors showed, including flexibility and generosity with their time, but also in the practical offerings like the accommodations… and the acknowledgement and promotion of the event in Soundstreams’ other programming and The Royal Conservatory of Music’s 21C Music Festival. I think this made everyone feel very valued and treated as professionals– this stands in contrast to many other emerging artist workshops with steep tuition fees, large anonymous participant pools, and seminars/lectures with little dialogue. I think we all felt very welcome and respected.”
– James O’Callaghan, 2015 Bridges participant

tawnie“This was a very, very helpful experience in terms of networking and relationship building. It was interesting to me how very friendly people suddenly were when they learned I was a Soundstreams Emerging Composer! So many doors suddenly opened. I can’t put into words how terrific that was and how grateful I am for that.”
– Tawnie Olson, 2015 Bridges participant


Andre“The Emerging Composer Workshop was a terrific opportunity to put ideas to test with a world class ensemble, to learn from other participants and to get involved with the Toronto music scene.”
– Andre Mestre, 2014 Bridges participant



adam-Scime-Headshot“The Soundstreams Emerging Composer Workshop has not only enabled me to grow as an artist, but most importantly, it has given me the opportunity to build a stronger connection to my community through my labors as a composer. Soundstreams has provided me with the invaluable experience of connecting with like-minded artists, performers, and community members as a workshop participant.”
– Adam Scime, 2013 Bridges participant


gabriel-Dharmoo-Headshot“The formula was intensive so we were always in a creative and challenging space. It was great to get a feel of the Toronto new music scene. I really appreciated having the accommodation and per diem covered. All the activities and talks which were relevant to the concerns we have as emerging composers.”
– Gabriel Dharmoo, 2013 Bridges participant


graham-Flett-headshot“I completed a substantial amount of composing and felt that I engaged with the genre (the piano trio) in a way that I was personally seeking to do. There were many positive aspects of the workshop. I especially felt the overall balance between artistic and creative work with other professional and career-related matters was handled very well.”
– Graham Flett, 2013 Bridges participant