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TD Composer of the Month for June: André Ristic

Canadian composer André Ristic, who performs both as a pianist and an accordion player, is also a music theorist whose interests include the mathematical representation of sound and programming models, as well as the musical applications of signal theory and the analytical study of musical manuscripts.


André Ristic has received commissions from the Ensemble TUYO, the Ensemble Contemporain de Montréal, The Molinari Quartet, the Black Jackets Company and Trio Fibonacci, among others. He studied mathematics at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and completed his musical studies at the conservatory in Montreal where he received instruction in composition and piano.

He is currently pianist and keyboardist at Musiques Nouvelles (Belgium) and European Contemporary Orchestra (France), and teaches at the Dalcroze Institute in Brussels and the Musiques Nouvelles ensemble in Mons, Belgium. In 2014 he was honored with the Victor-Martin-Lynch-Staunton Prize (Canada Council for the Arts) recognizing outstanding mid-career Canadian artists in each of the seven art disciplines.

Learn about Boiling Song, which Soundstreams commissioned in 2013:

An interview with André Ristic

Artistic Director Lawrence Cherney and André Ristic discuss his work Uskok Rhapsody, commissioned by Soundstreams in 2011. Ristic describes the work as “a catalogue of psycho-geographic memories” that he collected while visiting the Uskok region of Montenegro, where his family is from.

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