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NOW Magazine: Three Squeezebox Performers Sound Off Ahead of ‘Squeezebox’

Headshot of bandoneonist Hector del Curto who is featured in Soundstreams' Squeezebox accordion concert
Bandoneonist Hector del Curto

Squeezeboxes from all over the world take centre stage at the all-accordion concert Squeezebox, featuring classical and contemporary music. Three of the performers tell us a little bit about their squeezebox of choice. 

Héctor Del Curto
“A bandoneón is a reed instrument invented in Germany and derived from the concertina. It was meant to replace the organ for church processions. Until the bandoneón was fully developed, it went through three different stages of button additions in order to extend its register. As a consequence, the order of the buttons has no logic, making it difficult and frustrating to learn – and unpopular among European players.”

Joseph Macerollo
“I play the stradella, better known as the folk accordion, played often at weddings and social gatherings; the musette, the out-of-tune instrument best used for French musette and German lederhosen functions; and the bassetti, or free-bass accordion, often used in avant-garde contemporary repertoire.”

Michael Bridge
“For me, the accordion is a vehicle to push the boundaries of music, from the contemporary classical concert stage to the folk music club, and everywhere in between.”

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