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Corporate Donor Profile: TD Bank

SoundMakers composers in residence, John Kameel Farah (2013/14) and Aaron Gervais (2014/15)

TD Bank is the long-time Soundstreams corporate supporter who helps bring the SoundMakers website to life as a platform for our composer in residence, and as a resource for more than 30 years of Soundstreams commissions and composers.We chatted with them to learn more about why they support music organizations throughout Canada, and what music means to them.

Soundstreams: TD Bank supports Soundstreams through our SoundMakers website, which is a resource aimed at making the work of Canadian composers accessible to all in a fresh and creative way. Why is SoundMakers an important initiative to support?
TD Bank: At TD, we believe that one of the best investments we can make in our communities is by investing in music, access to music and music education. We value organizations like Soundstreams, which provide access to concerts and educational programs so that Canadians of all ages can discover and enjoy a love of music.

We are thrilled to support the SoundMakers website initiative because it is a unique tool that encourages music creation, access and education.

SoundMakers composer in residence for 2013/14 John Farah presents Mediaeval Dance,
at Salon 21 on March 21, 2014

SS: TD is known as the “bank of music.” What is the connection between TD and music?
TDB: TD has been supporting music across the country through sponsorships and community donations for more than a decade. Focusing on music is another way that TD makes life more comfortable for our customers and communities across the country. Since 2003, TD has invested more than $67 million in music sponsorships. In addition to supporting a number of community and education programs to engage and provide young people access to music, TD sponsors over 60 music festivals and events across Canada every year. Learn more.

An example of a SoundMakers educational resourceSS: In a city like Toronto, what do you think a thriving musical culture can do?
We believe that music and the arts play a critical role in our communities and that a thriving musical environment is essential to the overall health and vibrancy of the communities where we live, work, and play. Whether it's by bringing people together or providing opportunities for young people to learn and expand their horizons, music has the power to help individuals and communities come together.

SS: What are some of the #TDMusic shows you are most looking forward to this fall?
There are so many great shows to look forward to throughout the year! Look out for the launch of some fantastic musical series this fall, including at the Royal Conservatory of Music, the Arts Commons TD Jazz Series, and the Live at Massey Hall series. Check out TD Music to see a complete list of music shows coming up this fall.

We are also looking forward to youth across Canada taking advantage of discounted ticketing programs at symphony orchestras and opera companies. For a list of all of the discounted ticketing programs that TD supports visit our page, Sweet to the Ears.

SS: If TD could be an instrument, what would it be?
If TD was an instrument, it would be a green piano. The sound of a piano creates a comfortable atmosphere and pianos can be used in most genres of music. TD is all about creating comfort and supporting many genres of music.

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Aaron Gervais image credit: Tracy Wong