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Lightning Round Q&A: Staff Edition

In every interview we conduct with various Soundstreams performers, conductors and composers, we always end with a “lightning round” of questions. To cap off an excellent year, we decided to do a staff edition of our lightning round! Find out what airport and concert hall were chosen by multiple people, plus our not-so-secret guilty pleasure songs (mostly pleasure, and no guilt).

Sarah Baumann, Director of Marketing & External Relations
Favourite city: Seville 
Worst airport: London Heathrow Airport                                
Guilty pleasure song: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus 
Best concert hall: Palais Garnier, Paris
Favourite restaurant: Ruby Watchco on Queen St. E

Kyle Brenders, Artistic Associate
Favourite city: Amsterdam 
Worst airport: I’ve never had what I would consider a “good” experience at an airport, they’re all the same… But I guess if I had to choose, Bradley International in Hartford because it’s MORE boring than every other airport.                                 
Guilty pleasure song: I don’t really feel guilty about listening to music anymore… although I feel guilty that as a child I listened to a lot of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals – I don’t listen to it anymore though, so I don’t have to feel guilty about it.    
Best concert hall: BIMhuis, Amsterdam
Favourite restaurant: Taqueria Y Fonda in New York City

Lawrence Cherney, Artistic Director
Favourite city: Stockholm
Worst airport: London Heathrow Airport                              
Guilty pleasure song:  Everything Is Broken by Bob Dylan
Best concert hall: Shanghai Symphony Hall
Favourite restaurant: Hellmand Palace (Afghan food) in San Francisco

Ben Dietschi, Associate Director of External Relations
Favourite city: Paris
Worst airport: La Guardia Airport, New York City                           
Guilty pleasure song: September by Earth, Wind and Fire (but no guilt, just pleasure!)
Best concert hall: Koerner Hall
Favourite restaurant: Rendez Vous on the Danforth

Lindsay Marshall, Communications Associate
Favourite city: Paris
Worst airport: Logan International Airport, Boston (ran across several terminals only to miss my plane by minutes and get yelled at by the gate attendant)              
Guilty pleasure song: Stronger by Britney Spears (including the video – chair dancing never goes out of style)
Best concert hall: Koerner Hall
Favourite restaurant: Asuka Japanese in Yorkville

Susan Worthington, Executive Director
Favourite city: New York – no, London – wait, Prague
Worst airport: Pisa International Airport
Guilty pleasure song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Best concert hall: Musikverien, Vienna
Favourite Restaurant: O&B Canteen on King St. W