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The Poetry and Music of The Three Faces of Jerusalem

Kiya-Tabassian-and-Yair-Dalal-at-dress-rehearsal_photo-by-Jesse-Dietschi-(1).JPGWe have had a lot of great feedback about the concert last Sunday, and a lot of curiosity about the poetry and music presented, so we wanted to share some info here for you to investigate if you are interested. What was your favourite poem or piece from the concert? Let us know in the comments section!

Jerusalem by Nizar Qabbani
Jerusalem by William Blake
O Jerusalem by Irving Layton
Jerusalem by Yehuda Amichai

O Jerusalem, Hildegard von Bingen (soprano, mezzo, hurdy gurdy)
Leonin (4 male voices)
Roula Said set: Zarani, Ya’ain, Zahrat el madaen
Yair Dalal set: Magam dashti, Ya Ribon Alam
Five and a Half Bridges (world premiere), James Rolfe
Francoise Atlan set: Shir Hashirim, Ritt riyad, Shamayim, Ey Sareban, Zaman Assalam

Photo of Kiya Tabassian and Yair Dalal taken by Jesse Dietschi.