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How to Tell your LOL from your ROFL: A Text Messaging Cheat Sheet

We commissioned Ana Sokolovic to write a new work for our upcoming Latvian Radio Choir concert. Ana created ASAP 4 SATB, a new choral work with text based on the language of text messaging. The Soundstreams staff is quite tech savvy but even we needed to look up the meaning of some of these acronyms. To ensure that you too catch every reference on November 11, we present the following texting cheat sheet.


ASAP 4 SATB – Lyrics

Part I
ASAP – As Soon as Possible
SATB – Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass

Part II
OMG – Oh My God
LOL – Laugh Out Loud
BRB – Be Right Back
WUT – What

Part III
BBL – Be Back Later
BBN – Bye Bye Now
BBS- Be Back Soon
BBT – Be Back Tomorrow
BC – Because
LI – Laughing Inside
LIC – Like I Care
LOLO – Lots of Love
LOLH – Laughing Out Loud Hysterically
LOTR – Lord of the Rings
LULT – Love You Long Time
R – Are
R8 – Rate
ROFL – Rolling on the Floor Laughing
RS – Runescape
RTSM – Read the Stupid Manual
RU – Are You?
RUT – Are You There?
RUMOF – Are You Male or Female?
SAT – Sorry About That
SB – Smiling Back
SC – Stay Cool
CD – Cross Dresser
SH – Same Here
SOS – Save Our Souls
SOT – Short On Time
TBS – To Be Sure
TBD – To Be Determined
TBL – Text Back Later
TC – Take Care
FIF – F* I’m Funny
FIL – Find It Later
FOAD – F* Off And Die