Soundstreams exists to strengthen public engagement with new Canadian music and music theatre/opera through innovative musical experiences.


What is Sound Stories?

Within our new site we thought that we’d introduce a blog to showcase Soundstreams’ inner world. The posts on Sound Stories will not be written in one voice but will speak through the thoughts and experiences of the entire Soundstreams staff.  We look forward to offering you a series of different pathways into behind the scenes of Soundstreams concerts, travels and events. We hope you will join us, and look forward to hearing your thoughts on “new directions in music.” 

Our Sound Stories will feature:

  • A bit about the themes behind each concert, showing how we go from concept to concert.
  • More details about composers and the works being presented
  • A look at the master classes and school workshops presented by Soundstreams artists.
  • A behind the scenes look into our concerts at Koerner Hall.
  • Sneak peak audio and video from rehearsals, Salon 21s and interviews.
  • Follow our artists as they tour throughout the world.
  • Follow our travels connecting to new performers and composers around the world.
  • Read some of our recommendations for arts events happening around Toronto.